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Is Social Media Driving the Economy?

October 27, 2010

Richard Florida in The Atlantic:

Social media is redefining the landscape of everything we do from the way we connect to family and friends, how brands and celebrities capture attention, to the way business and journalism function. Hundreds of millions of people across the world use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If any technology promised to shatter the constraint of geography, overcome distance, and flatten the world, social media would be it.

But a quick look at the map below, from the NetProspex 2010 Social Business Report, shows this is not the case at all, certainly not for the United States.

The map shows the 50 leading social media cities in the United States. It is based on data collected by NetProspex on social media adoption and used by more than two million business professionals.

The level of geographic concentration is pronounced, though the leading social media metros are not surprising. San Francisco, San Jose, and Silicon Valley, top the list, with New York City, Austin, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, L.A., and Atlanta rounding out the top 10.

But what are the characteristics of America’s leading social media centers? What factors are associated with its greater adoption and use in certain kinds of metros? [More]

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