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The Battle of the Billionaires: China Vs. India

October 7, 2010

Joseph Chamie in The Globalist:

Together, China and India currently contain nearly two out of every five people in the world — and are equal in size to the world population in 1950.

China’s and India’s unprecedented demographic status will not be challenged any time soon. The next five most populous countries far behind them are: the United States (318 million), Indonesia (233 million), Brazil (195 million), Pakistan (185 million) and Bangladesh (164 million).

China’s and India’s demographic size may also be appreciated by noting that each of their populations is larger than those of Africa, Europe or the entire Western hemisphere.

On virtually every population measure, China is further along in its demographic transition than India. With respect to mortality, for example, life expectancy at birth in China is nearly 10 years higher than in India, at 73 years versus 64 years. China’s population is also much older than India’s, with median ages of 34 and 25 years, respectively.

Also, while most Chinese and Indians still live in rural areas — 55% and 70%, respectively — China will soon become predominately urban, perhaps as early as 2015. In contrast, India is expected to remain mainly rural at least until mid-century.

Due to the enormous size of their populations, international migration plays a demographically negligible role in the growth of China and India. However, both have expressed official objections about illegal immigration into their countries, in particular from North Korea and Bangladesh, respectively. [More]


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