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Global Governance: Lessons from Europe

February 25, 2010

Pascal Lamy in The Globalist:

The end of the Cold War caught everyone by surprise. It was the end of a bipolar world. A new world order was being born. And yet, there was not enough thinking and discussion about its governance structures.

Post-1989, there was never a Bretton Woods Conference or a San Francisco Conference. As a result, global governance structures did not adjust. And here lies the root of many of today’s problems. Global challenges need global solutions — and these can only come with the right form of global governance, which today, 20 years later, remains too weak.

The world is in a state of serious distress. We are in the midst of the worst-ever economic crisis — and the first to have a global reach and which has seen a decimation of employment. We are seeing our planet deteriorate due to global warming. We see droughts and violent floods. We see entire islands disappearing under water. And we see nuclear proliferation, which poses a serious threat to world peace and security.

As we wonder what went wrong and search for urgent solutions, there is a place on earth where new forms of global governance have been tried following World War II — in Europe. [More]

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