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Great Britain’s ‘Unspoken’ Constitution

November 17, 2009

Stuart Wilks-Heeg and Stuart Weir from the Democratic Audit (Human Rights Center) have published The Unspoken Constitution, a provocative pamphlet and a satirical account of how the United Kingdom is governed. [Here are some excerpts…]



“We, the elite, do not believe in the kind of constitution most other advanced nations have — those that boast a belief in popular sovereignty; with resounding declarations such as ‘we, the people’, and that tend to contain rules about how governments should act.

We describe ours as the ‘unwritten constitution’. It is a collection of laws, fictions, powers left over from the old monarchy and powers that we make up as we go along. It allows us to decide what governments can do; and best of all, only we have the power to change it.”

Article 2
“Secrecy shall be the watchword of government activity since it is well known that transparency can harm executive democracy and embarrass ministers.”

Article 3
“Government, like every subject, shall be free to do whatever is not unlawful. The government shall decide what is unlawful.”


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